3D Animation



While modeling is my primary focus, I believe it is best to have at least some knowledge of the other aspects of 3D animation.The following content is a collection of my animation projects. Each animation was created focused around one or a few important aspects of animation. 



This animation displays a spaceship getting ready for takeoff into outer space. The inspiration from this came from games and movies such as Ratchet and Clank, Destiny, and Star Wars.

The purpose of this project was to demonstrate synchronizing sound with the animation. Additionally I explored animating along a path in order to simulate commonly seen flight animations in games and movies.


From The Ashes

The animation shown is a short time-laps of nature growing from the ruins of the building.

The goal of this project was to experiment with lighting and generating models along a path, this being the vines growing along the walls and from the center. Lighting was added in the form of shaders, area lights, and Maya's physical sun & sky.


Digital Distraction

This short animation is a commentary on the distractions and dangers of today's smartphones.

The goal of the project was to explore the process of character design. Through this project I learned of the processes involved in character design. This includes character modeling, rigging, painting skin weights, and animating.